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Corner of Platinum & Gold Street, Northgate, Cape Town

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Welcome to The Bed King, where you are guaranteed the healthiest as well as most comfortable sleep from the widest range of beds along with mattresses, sleeper couches along with bedroom furniture in South Africa ' at the best value for money. Choose from a wide selection of leading bed in addition to mattress brands plus Serta, Simmons in addition to Restonic, including The Bed King's very own prestigious Comfort Solutions as well as Bed King Direct range. Re-establish your comfort zone with the Best Advice, Best Range, Best Service, Best Value including right price; our five-point promise as well as your guarantee of total satisfaction, ensuring you get the most out of your online, in-store as well as telephonic shopping experience! We guarantee to beat any advertised price; so relax knowing The Bed King is nationwide! The best specials in addition to deals to suit every need, every comfort level as well as every budget! What are you waiting for? Begin your new lifestyle now; in-store, online or through our national call centre!right price. BEST ADVICE. BEST RANGE. BEST VALUE. BEST SERVICE,NOBODY BUT NOBODY BEATS THE KING.We, at The Bed King, believe that just about everything in life can be improved with a better nights rest; our purpose is to provide our customers with the best possible sleep solution suited to their budget. We are dedicated to helping everyone enjoy a better quality of life with the best nights sleep from the widest range of beds including mattresses in South Africa plus at the best value for money. Improve your lifestyle including discover how the benefits of replacing your old bed or mattress will assist in improving both your physical along with mental health. Let us assist you in getting the healthiest in addition to most comfortable sleep solution possible.

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Bed King Northgate

Bed King Northgate

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