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Shop 262, Centurion Mall, Heuwel Avenue, Centurion

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Beauty Factoryâ"žÂ¢ brand is all about you. It's about getting quality bath plus body products direct from the Beauty Factoryâ"žÂ¢ to your bathroom"¦straight from the source.It's about loving yourself ' including what could be more important than that? We believe the world would be a better place if we treated one another with a little more love including respect. But, as you know, charity starts at home. We all deserve to show ourselves some everyday love, yet with so much to do including so little time, it's easy to put pampering on the backburner. Enter Beauty Factoryâ"žÂ¢. INTRODUCING THE ORIGINALS RANGE, A LUXURIOUSLY FRESH TAKE ON CLEAN OLD FASHIONED GOODNESS.ALL OUR FABULOUS PRODUCTS AT YOUR FINGER TIPS.BEAUTY FACTORY HAS YOU COVERED.From bath to body, home to fragrance, Beauty Factory has a full range to fulfill your every need!A fragrance for every occasion, no matter where youre going or how youre feeling. Go from high-powered executive to social butterfly to free-spirited dreamer.The Originals Range is one of the luxurious (including surprisingly affordable ) bath, body along with beauty products from Beauty Factory. Made locally, without harming the environment or wildlife, The Originals Range is all about pure in addition to simple goodness. Treat yourself with this feel good, naturally clean along with honest range, keeping it simple without compromising on quality!Fresh is always best, thats why this range sits on top of the Beauty Factory charts when it comes to bath including body pampering. Freshly Made for you is loaded with top quality natural extracts including boasts packaging as unique as the range itself. Youll quickly discover that each glass bottle is loaded with natural plant-based oils as well as the resulting fragrance will leave you, your bath including your bathroom smelling irresistible, no matter how you choose to indulge: Shower Crème; Body Lotion; Bath Milk; Foam Bath; Body Scrub, Bath oil along with Scented.We've made it our mission to bring you premium bath, body including beauty value ' so now there's really no reason to feel guilty. Imagine refreshing fruit scented shower gels with natural botanical oils to captivating fragrances as well as vibrant lasting nail colour. With over 300 exceptional products, you'll find plenty of excuses for a whole lot of me-time.

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Beauty Factory Centurion Mall

Beauty Factory Centurion Mall

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