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3 President Brand Crescent, Panorama, 7500

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Beaudele Health & Beauty will set the mood along with pamper you to a relaxing, de-stressing experience that is affordable along with will make you come back for more.The owner, Adèle Groenewald trained through Camelot International in addition to received an international diploma through CIBTAC. She has a very strong passion for skin analysis including treatment of the skin plus therefore underwent further studies including achieved a certificate in Advanced Skin Analysis including Cosmetic Chemistry through Pastiche. Her other strong passion is eyebrow shaping including she enjoys helping her clients establish the correct eyebrow shape in addition to maintenance thereof.The Road to Excellent Treatment. Beaudele Health & Beauty will set the mood in addition to pamper you to a relaxing, de-stressing experience that is affordable in addition to will make you come back for more. Skin analysis, skin treatment.Advanced skin analysis as well as Cosmetic analysis, skin treatment, advanced skin analysis, cosmetic chemistry.Beaudèle Health as well as Beauty was established in 2003. They are fortunate to have a lovely premises as well as a very professional service. The spas aim is to provide a relaxing environment for their clients - for some this is the only time to relax.The spa provides specialized skin in addition to body treatments.This spa provides the following types of treatments: Back, Neck in addition to Shoulders Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Body Scrubs, Full Body Massage, Male Specific Treatments, Wraps.Dry Treatment Rooms.

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Beaudele Health Beauty

Beaudele Health Beauty

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